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Online Business Education – 5 Easy Steps To Recording Slideshow Presentation Using Ink2Go

In this online business education article you will learn the 5 easy steps to recording your slideshow presentation using Ink2Go screen recording software from EyePowerGames.

Getting Started With Ink2Go

When getting started with Ink2Go screen recording software, you need to ensure that the mouse cursor is selected on the Ink2Go toolbar. Next, open your slideshow presentation and begin the slideshow, so that the first slide appears on your screen.

There Are 5 Easy Steps To Remember When Recording Your Slideshow Presentation:

1. Select The Region Of The Screen

Once you have your slideshow presentation ready to begin, click on the “select a region” icon (the yellow rectangle) which is the second icon from the right on your Ink2Go toolbar. Next, drag the box out around the slide of your slideshow presentation. This ensures that the screen recording software will only record the region of the screen you have selected. This is extremely useful, as you can cut out anything else on your screen you do not wish to record.

2. Turn Off The Record Mouse Option

For the purposes of recording a slideshow presentation, you do not want your mouse movements to be recorded, so you will need to turn off the record mouse option. To do this, right click with your mouse on the Ink2Go icon showing at the bottom of your screen and then uncheck “Record Mouse” by clicking on it.

3. Hide The Ink2Go Toolbar Before Recording

You will need to minimize the toolbar before you begin recording your screen, so that it does not appear in your video. Click on the white dash in the top right corner of the toolbar and this will hide the toolbar and move it to the side of your screen.

4. Press F7 To Start And Stop Recording

To begin recording your slideshow presentation, use the shortcut F7. You will then be prompted to select a location to save your video and name it. Once you have clicked on “Save” your recording will start, so be prepared!

Use your microphone to record your voice as you read through your presentation, changing the captions and slides as you go. Press F7 again to stop the recording.


Remember to SMILE and sound ANIMATED while you record your voice over.

This final step will make all the difference to your video, as smiling and delivering your presentation in an upbeat and enthusiastic tone will keep your viewers attention and encourage them to watch more of your videos.

How to Get the Perfect Banner Stand

One of the simplest and most economical trade fair displays is a retractable banner stand. Smaller firms should utilize these more regularly than they do – they are efficient and lightweight and occupy such a insignificant foot print that you almost can’t over-do the trusty, tried and true trade fair display. But there are plenty of distinct sorts of banner stands, and you must make sure your firm is getting what it needs without purchasing capabilities that it will not use. This outline is helpful not only if your small business is going to a trade expo and is considering a purchase – it is a reliable outline for thoughts about how to use retractable banner stands in the business on a habitual basis to communicate the company’s message.

Retractable banner stands are part of the transportable booths type that usually consists of pop up booths, tension fabric backwalls and fabric pop up displays. Consequently, like other transportable trade show booths, they will be self-contained, lightweight and straightforward to set up. There are two general categories of retractables and a couple of distinctions within these that will assist the company get the best retractable stand for its needs. Standard banner displays do not have a graphic banner that retracts into a housing or base. Retractable banners include a graphic (or two) that retracts into a housing.

With a standard graphic stand the artwork banner does not retract – generally you will have to attach or suspend the graphic banner the company is using on a frame of some type that will hold the banner in a taut, level position so the company’s attendees can get the exposure. Conventional graphic stands remain popular because they are lighter than retractable banner stands and don’t have any moving pieces that will degrade. There are numerous well-liked sorts of standard banner stands – the X banner stand, the L banner stand and the telescoping banner stand. Each of these displays will have a banner than ought to be folded and stored with care.

If you use an X banner display there are typically grommets at the corner and the ends of the “X” will go through the grommets. This is a lightweight banner stand that is simple to put up, but some people think the look less refined than other conventional graphic stands, including the “L” banner exhibit. The chief difference with the “L” banner stand is that it possesses a channel track that holds the top of the graphic to give it a cleaner look, and a single support upright. The banner looks more sophisticated than an X banner display – it’s cleaner in appearance and usually clamps the graphic a bit flatter and more neat than an X banner display.

Both X and L format standard banner exhibits are a good alternative if your business doesn’t set up and pack away your display repeatedly – it’s installed and stays up. This is because they are less convenient than roll up banner stands at set up and take down, so these displays are perfect in consumer retail, building lobbies and other types of longer-term marketing needs. The third category of non-retracting banner stand is the telescoping graphic stand, which enables you to use artwork banners that have changeable widths and lengths, because these displays can adjust in each of these dimensions. Telescoping stands are basically modifiable rectangular structures that accommodate graphic banners finished with pole pockets to hold the banner. These are a good smartest if your business anticipates using different size banners over the course of a year or desires the flexibility to do this.

The roll up banner stand contains a graphic that retracts into a metallic case that also serves as a base. Roll up banners tend to be more in style at trade expos, promotions or events where there is a lot of configuration and take down of exhibits – where the event is only a few days long and there are several events a year. In addition to being less complicated to set up and take down, a retractable banner stand is built-in – everything is in the case, which is convenient. And the housing acts as a floor support and also stores the banner when it’s not set up. These benefits make the roll up banner displays an exceptionally popular type of stand.

There are quite a lot of unique types of roll up stand to choose from. Plain retractables will have a “3-part” upright that holds the graphic panel. The 3-part pole is a set height arrangement – normally 80-86″ tall – that is likely to require you to fabricate artwork reflecting this dimension. Deluxe exhibits usually have an adjustable upright which lets your company to design graphic panels that have dissimilar heights – the parts of the support upright slide and fasten and are adjustable to different heights, so your company can even use these banner stands as counter top models. Other areas of distinctiveness in retractable graphic stands include the base – some possess customized tint end-cap features, some offer more sleek, sophisticated designs, etc. Your company can also get a deluxe stand with a replaceable art cartridge – enabling your booth team to replace a banner in the field, at a trade fair, etc.

You’ll find also two sided retractables that let your company to present your marketing content in both directions – and it can even be a different with a different content. And given that your company can use both banners or one at a time, a two sided stand is in fact like 2 banner stands. Finally there are outside stands that are designed to endure in the elements – sun, wind, even rain – and continue to appear new. Outdoor banner stands will regularly have a weighted case that may be filled with water or sand and will often have some type of compliant banner frame to assist in shedding the breeze so the display is stable.

Banner stands are exceptionally useful – regardless of what kind of in person advertising and marketing your business is doing – from trade conventions or promotions to conventions or outside events – they are helpful improvements that complement your marketing and advertising messages. There are a lot of different types of banner stands – contemplate about which one will work best for the business to be certain that you get what you need

Visit A Printing Shop For Color Calendars

If you are seeking a way to be able to print calendars or booklets for training program or huge sale that you are having, but do not have the proper types of printing materials inside of your business, you might feel at the end of your printing rope. While this may be true if you live somewhere that does not have any printing shops, chances are that you have to only travel to the nearest city, or shop online, for printing. Cheap catalog printing and color calendar printing is not something that you have to ever visit a shop to do. You can simply do it over the internet and have it mailed directly to you from the place that you are working through. This is, however, risky as you will not see the finished product until you receive them all. This is why it is always going to be better to do any al all printing at a local printing shop or press such as a large office supplies store.

Color calendar printing is crucial to have done simply because you are going to be spending a huge deal of money on the entire calendar. Normal colored printing is 49 cents a page to do, but if you do it yourself you are going to be paying about double that on ink and paper, as well as the binding that you will need. Let a printing shop take care of this for you and you will be much happier. You can also have binding done for the calendars that will not fall apart after a few people leaf through them.
Cheap booklet printing if done in only black ink is often looked over as people think it is easy to stock up on paper and black ink. If you are spending money on both of these items at a store you are already losing money. Printing shops do cheap booklet printing because they enable the store to be able to give bulk discounts and such based on every hundred pages. You cannot give yourself a discount at home or the office, so printing at those two places should never be done. Instead, choose a large order and have a local business print for you even if it takes a few days to get back.